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PROLOG School of Polish was established in 1994 and has been teaching the Polish language ever since. Anyone who learns Polish is certainly aware of our existence, as most of the Polish language course books, including the most popular series "HURRA!!!", were published by our publishing house PROLOG Publishing.

Our teachers are focused on ensuring that you use Polish as much as possible and we are great fans of the communicative approach.

Our premises, in the close vicinity to the city centre, feature 9 classrooms, all air conditioned and equipped with interactive boards. The school has its own garden, which is a unique feature, yet greatly appreciated on hot summer days.

PROLOG provides a range of accommodation options: Homestay or Residences, though there are many independent options available in Krakow. In the summer months we also offer a fantastic social programme, with carefully selected visits to Krakow’s best areas, some of them unique and rarely visited/experienced by regular tourists. We also do day-trips or short excursions during the weekends. 

Surveys carried out among the course participants show that more then half of them enrolled through recommendation!

We are certainly dedicated to teaching Polish, and we look forward to welcoming you to Krakow!



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